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Knowledge and Experience

From illustration and designing; to selecting the perfect materials every tiny detail is thought of when creating and producing your unique packaging. Our team of highly skilled and qualified designers ensure that not only does your product look good in our packaging, but the protection and security of it will be to the highest level.

Our range of packaging can fit into your supply chain in the way you want. We can store your orders, saving you warehouse space and deliver on a regular or irregular frequency. In addition, we work with you to help you decide how you want your packaging delivered. This could be assembled or packed/palletised in a certain configuration; the choice is yours! We will include this when designing your packaging.

We will provide you with information on our products, enabling you to choose the perfect combination of materials.

Who we work with

We supply a vast variety of packaging materials and also a combination of packaging materials from:

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Passion for the environment

We are strongly passionate about the environment as much as our customers, that’s why we provide a range of sustainable and recyclable materials to cushion your products, for the ultimate protection. To help highlight ours and your environmental views, we engrave recyclable symbols on our products, to highlight the proper disposal of the product.

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