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Secure, protective packaging

Our award-winning design department has the latest technology to help you develop your application, including CAD/CAM, CNC, and digital 3D modelling.

At Design Packaging, we want to ensure that not only is your product protected during its transportation journey but that it also looks sleek and professional. With our team of highly skilled designers; and the latest technology, we can make your packaging projects a reality. We have a wide range of materials where the Design Team are able to advise the best packaging solutions most suited for your product.

Passion for the environment

We are strongly passionate about the environment as much as our customers, that’s why we provide a range of sustainable and recyclable materials to cushion your products, for the ultimate protection. To help highlight ours and your environmental views, we engrave recyclable symbols on our products, to highlight the proper disposal of the product.

Design Packaging - icon image

Specialist in bespoke packaging

Being specialists in bespoke packaging, we can create unique packaging solutions, ensuring that your products are safe and secure.

We understand that each packaging will have a different purpose and use that’s why at Design Packaging, we are able to create reusable packaging that has a longer lifespan so you can carry on using it for a long period of time.

Our customers can also request samples with a quick turnaround.

When creating your packaging solution we will ensure it meets the latest regulations.

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