Boxes & Crates


About Boxes & Crate Packaging

At Design Packaging our plywood boxes and crates are the perfect packaging option for distributing products. It does not matter the weight or type of product; our boxes and crates will protect your goods during rough transportation, climate changes as well as long-term storage. A reason to choose this type of packaging solution is that you can optimise storage space in your facility; due to them having the ability to be stacked on top of each other, We can have them delivered to you either assembled or unassembled, all depending on your storage capacity.

We Supply Nefab Crates

We also provide collapsible Nefab crates, saving storage space in your facilities. Nefab is a plywood and steel product with a unique twist of using no nails, making building and collapsing easy. This type of packaging solution uses an integrated locking system of tabs and slots delivering; high-quality protection for products in a wide range of industries. The size and weight of the goods is no problem for us, as we offer Nefab packaging in a variety of sizes. Nefab crates are reusable.

Combined Packaging

Your products are safe and secure using a combination of packaging materials. We can design and manufacture foam inserts that can be used inside the boxes and crates, giving your products extra protection during transit.

We are all about being unique, that’s why with our product, you can customise it to fit your needs. Our crates can come with the addition of locks, handles and the graphics you need.

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