Foam Conversion


About Foams

Being a bespoke specialist company we provide many types of foam packaging, each one having their own benefits to our customers products. From recyclable and sustainable foams, to closed cell and anti-static foams the choice is endless but we are here to help choose the best material for you. All our foams allow us to utilise and creatively design them to fit with our customer’s needs, so you can always guarantee we will put you and your product first.

Our foams are either pressed, routed or cut using our up to date technology. Pressed foams are used for protecting products that do not require in depth design work whereas, routed foams are used when more intricate design work is essential. We heat weld our foams together to create a compact and secure nest or end cap for your products to sit in, allowing the maximum protection. We design solutions that look professional and also that can protect your product no matter the dimension or weight.  


Stratocell is a type of foam that contains special properties allowing it to be used to create a variety of innovative packaging designs. Any industry can take advantage of the versatility of Stratocell from the choice of colour even down to the foam having anti-static properties, it lets you add a personalised touch to your packaging.

Design Packaging - Stratocell foam image
Design Packaging - Plastazote image foam


Is a closed cell foam which prevents air and water from passing through. It is flexible and durable, allowing us to cut and design the foam to surround your product, providing protection against shocks and changes in temperature. The lightweight, buoyant foam comes in a range of colours and is not recyclable. Industries such as aerospace, medical, automotive, electronics, construction, marine and many more benefit from using this type of foam.


This foam is ideal if you want something that not only provides high protection, but is also environmentally friendly. EcoPure mixture is a plant based polyethylene foam promoting sustainability and this enables this type of foam to be recycled. Due to its eco-friendly nature, not only are we doing our bit for the planet but you and your consumers will too!


A foam which is 100% recyclable due to its content containing nothing but recycled materials. Synergy is a foam which provides high performance with cushioning protection to protect your products against harsh chemicals, extreme variation in temperature and dampness. This foam is the full package, with protection and its look Synergy has a fine cell structure which enables it to have a smooth scratch resistant service. Any type of industry can benefit from all the technical features of Synergy that make it the outstanding product it is.

Design Packaging - Synergy
Design Packaging - Stratocell R Foam image

Stratocell R

Stratocell R a foam which is made from high quality recycled resin, whilst still providing high quality protection with less materials than alternative packaging products. This foam is put to the test where it can withhold protection to your products inside when faced with repeated impacts. Stratocell R is a new and improved alternative to Stratocell with the possibility of having a durable product that contains a minimum of 50% recycled resin, Stratocell R is the better alternative.