How Is Design Packaging Helping The Environment?


Being eco-friendly and helping the environment is a subject that is brought up more than ever. At Design Packaging Group Ltd a key ethos we strive by is being environmentally friendly, we are passionate in ensuring that we can provide a wide range of packaging that will not harm the planet after its use.


Foam is a great material to use during the transportation journey however, the main problem with foam is that not many know that some can be recycled. This is where our expertise in packaging knowledge comes into good use. There is a range of foams which are recyclable or are sustainable, making it simpler to create packaging solutions that will benefit the planet as well as your products.


EcoPure is a plant-based polyethylene foam, it is derived from a renewable sugarcane based feedstock promoting sustainability. The foam itself is recyclable, and we embed the recyclable logo into the foam so that the end user will be able to dispose of the packaging properly. EcoPure can be offered in a hybrid recycled content too, reducing carbon emissions by more than 50%. With all this the foam provides high quality performance properties meaning that through any type of transportation your product will remain safe and secure.

Stratocell R

Stratocell R is made from a high quality recycled resin which uses less material than the average foam packaging. The high quality resin provides high levels of performance during transportation, meaning that your products will be covered against repeated impacts. Not only is this foam sustainable but it is also recyclable, meaning that after use the foam won’t harm the environment when disposed of.


Synergy is a foam which the material is made up of recycled content, making this type of foam 100% recyclable. Synergy has cushioning protection as well as high performance properties, it can protect products against harsh chemicals, extreme variations in temperature or dampness. From the resilience of this foam, it can be used in a range of industries. And what also makes Synergy a good foam to use, is that it is aesthetically pleasing due to the fine cell structure and soft feel. So your products are protected but the packaging will look sleek and professional.


Stratocell can benefit several different industries due to the variation of densities and grade it can come in. The product is made from 50% recycled resin content, this allows the material to be recycled after use. The other technical features of Stratocell is the ease of fabrications, the product is flexible enough to ensure that every part of your goods is covered. You can personalise the colour of the packaging to suit your product and company.

Our design team can create packaging solutions which will protect your product using materials which will also protect the environment.

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