Drop Testing


Do you know if your packaging solution is functioning correctly that your product remains safe and undamaged inside? Drop testing is a service which we provide to our customers that allow them to test out their packaging in a carefully controlled manner. We run our tests in conjunction with third party company meaning that all testing we do is certified and we can analyse precisely if your packaging is performing as it should.

Our team of highly skilled designers take into consideration a range of factors to establish what packaging materials are needed in order to pass drop tests. The procedure is completed through two different types of tests. After taking into consideration the weight of the product, it is elevated at the correct height for the first drop test.

The package is placed on a platform and dropped repeatedly on each side and corner. After each drop the package is opened, checked for any damage and then noted down. When the first test is complete the process is then moved onto the ‘vertical shock test’, this is where the package is placed on a fixed platform and a series of vibration frequencies are jolted through the packaging. This continues for a certain time frame before being removed and opened to check for any damage.

After all the testing is complete, a detailed report is written is submitted to our customer explaining the results of each test. If adjustments are needed, then our highly skilled design team analyse all the factors to tweak their design and ensure that your product is safe. All drop testing is completed to UN standards, so you know that with every test your packaging will be certified for protection during transportation.

There are many benefits to using the drop testing service such as:

• Prevents over-packing

• Reduce costs

• Comply with packaging regulations

• Know how your pack performs

If you would like some more information on drop testing, Contact us today and we would be more than happy to provide any assistance.

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