Design Packaging

Packaging Design

Packaging can have three major functions:

To sell your product
To protect your product
To facilitate the use of your product

Graphic Design - Selling your Product

Where packaging graphics are required they must do more than just look good. The design must work to allow the product to stand out from other products and attract potential customers.

Working alongside our award-winning packaging designers is our creative team who provide expert graphic design as well as brand identity development, art direction, brand positioning and copywriting services. Brand conscious and retail market aware, our creative team work with our packaging designers to provide a comprehensive brand communication service.

From concept generation and illustration through to the choice of structure, texture and material, our creative team ensures that your packaging and related materials are presented professionally and in line with your marketing strategy.

Packaging Specification - Protecting your Product

It is essential that your product remains as safe from harm as possible whilst packaged.

This is not only about protection from handling and shipment. Products like electronic equipment are best packaged in modern anti-static foam. In some case UN-approved packaging maybe required or packaging that meets regulations for hazardous materials or it could be a combination of all these factors plus others.

Packaging Design - Product Facilitation

In some cases packaging is simply used to deliver the product to the end user or consumer. In other cases the packaging is design to assist with the use of the product on an ongoing basis. For example an electronic product might have a number of accessories with the user choosing to repack the product and accessories in between use. Here the packaging has to be highly functional, easy to use, long lasting and reinforce its brand quality.


The packaging industry spans many markets and so is regulated by many different forms of legislation and voluntary codes. Design Packaging can help you to determine the most suitable packaging materials for your needs.